Cost and Profitability over the whole distribution chain


Manufacturing and distribution (oil and gas, distribution, food, logistic and transportation); Health care ; Financial


  • Naturally modeling the entire organization
  • Keep track and allocate direct and indirect costs
  • Calculate full PY L and unit cost. Find the factors that affect the profitability
  • Flexible and evolutive model of cost through the supply chain
  • Cost by stage, component, product, client, area and any combination
  • Integrates with all existing ERP and technologies including Oracle DB, SAP , SAP HANA Postgress, Neteza, etc
  • Implementation and first results in 3 to 6 months


  • Increase profitability
  • Facilitates benchmarking
  • Immediate availability of reports and analysis
  • Capability to analyse the effect of factors variations such as; sales, price, cost and volumen in the balance of the company

Some Clients and References:

  • Manufacture Yazaki, Letty bakery
  • Heathcare : ChristusHealth, Muguerza
  • Oil and Gas :Promigas, Llanogas, Gas Natural Fenosa


Gauss Profit and Cost
• Radial Viewer
• GaussMetrics
• SmartEstimates
• Activity Report